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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Kids are back to School, TIme to get your fitness back



Workouts- Get a well rounded workout routine of strength and cardio with our ALL ACCESS Membership. Workout 3-5 times a week.


Incentive- Each time you come in to workout and make a public post on Facebook or Instagram (not a story) we will give you $5 in PIT Bucks!! 

This can be used towards a continuation membership of 3+ months. Maximum of 30 workouts. Posts are limited to 1 per day. 


Meal Plan- This will be a flexible eating plan with the goal to give you the knowledge on how to eat to reach your goals. We will provide you with a food list and a template to follow, from this food list you chose your favorites so there are NO excuses sticking to the plan. 


Accountability- Check-ins will occur weekly on an individual basis to ensure that you are making the most of the program and achieving the goals you set for yourself. 


Duration- 6 weeks (9/13-10/25)


Start/Kickoff- Saturday 11th at 10:30am


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