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4-W E E K  C A $ H  O U T  C H A L L E N G E 

cash out.jpg
Join PIT Fitness now and get PAID for showing up! 
How it works-

  • Workout 3-5 days a week with our UNLIMITED ALL ACCESS membership.

    • Combo of 45-Minute Bootcamp Conditioning Workouts & 60-Minute Functional Strength Workouts

  • Show up, post on social media, and get rewarded $$$!  Earn $10 every workout and use it towards a continuation membership. 

    • 3-month min., 12-month max. Monthly & paid in full options are available

  • Get up to $150 back by working out at least 15 times during the month of August!

    • Publicly Check-In, tag us, snap a GOOD photo, say something POSITIVE, and number each workout.  You can use Instagram or Facebook. *Only 1 check-in per day will count

    • Last day to register is August 7th.

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