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PIT Fitness 60 Day Challenge

Are you ready to take on a challenge that will not only transform your body, but also your life? Look no further than our 60 day Challenge! Over the next two months, you'll push yourself to new heights, adopting healthy habits that will help you shed unwanted pounds and feel better than ever before. So what are you waiting for? Let's start this journey together and make the next 60 days the most transformative of your life!
Hear what others are saying
Betty M Front.jpg

I started this challenge 8 weeks ago, in hopes to make a big change in my life! I’ve been trying to loose weight for the past few years trying many challenges, but never have I had this much results in such little time before! I joined this challenge in hopes to loose weight and for my health! With the help of all the trainers, and staff I was able to finally see some results and finally feel better in my own body! For anyone hoping to find some support and get some results go to PIT! Everyone is so friendly, professional and they all sure know what they are doing! I’m so happy with my results and I’m happy to have found a place that is so supportive and there every step of the way!

Gina A Side.jpg

My goal at the beginning of the 60 day program was to lose 15 lbs. The most difficult part was simply getting started and making the commitment. With the fabulous PIT staff keeping me accountable, I was able to reach my goal. I lost 15.6 lbs and I am so much stronger and confident than where I started. I love that every workout is different and I can pop in for only 30 minutes and still see results.


When starting my 60 Day Challenge my goal was to lose about 2 lbs a week and to gain some strength back, I ended up hitting my goal in both weight loss and increased strength. The program was not complicated to follow and it got me into the habit of meal prepping. I also liked the weekly call to see how I was doing and having someone available to answer questions that came up along the way. As far as workouts, it was very helpful to have someone who was knowledge about modifications when something didn’t feel right. Now that we are complete I feel stronger, my mobility is much better and so is my balance!

Mowli A Front.jpg
Kazi A Front.jpg

We wanted to send you a note to thank the entire team at PIT fitness for helping us achieve our goals. You helped us set realistic goals and followed through regularly to make sure we are on track during the entire duration of the boot camp. This was a well thought out program that made it possible to reach our objectives. Our main goal for joining the program was to bring discipline in our life and to improve our health. We set weight loss targets as a way to keep us motivated. Even though it was difficult at times, we were able to hit our weekly targets through the exercise routines combined with the diet plan. We were so excited to finish the challenge with achieving our weight loss goals. But this challenge was lot more than just the weight loss. Through this challenge I was able to regain control of my general health. I was able to revert some key health indicators that were way past acceptable norms. My Dr. was so happy to see the progress I made in such a short time period. He simply said, “keep up the good work”. He did not want me to change a single thing. We are truly grateful for what the program did for us. We both believe this program can help anyone improve their health condition. We look forward to continuing the journey with PIT Fitness

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