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Available Services

Bootcamp Conditioning

45 Minute full body cardio & strength group workout. Our personal trainers will be with you the whole time, making this class great for all fitness levels and ideal for anyone looking to get in and out quickly while having fun and burning a ton of calories. Every class is different and you will use a variety of equipment ranging from bodyweight only, to dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, resistance bands and more.  

Booty Bootcamp

30-minute glute focused workout.  Come plump your peach and have some fun with us!  This is exactly as it sounds… a bootcamp focused on plumping your peach with a combination of exercises that may include bodyweight, booty bands, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, step boards and more.  Arrive 10 minutes early so the trainer can get you set up and ready to go!

PIT Fitness on-Demamd

24-7 access to our pre-recorded content and LIVE instructed classes.  Includes a variety of workouts mostly bootcamp with a few different specialty classes sprinkled in here and there. 

FIT with PIT Strength

60 min small group functional strength training.  This program will focus on decreasing bodyfat, increasing strength, and perfecting form to promote healthy body mechanics.  Our trainers will be with you the whole time making FWP is great for all fitness levels & ideal for anyone looking to dig a little further into their workout routine. FWP is structured into a 3-day split routine. 

METCON Madness

30-minutes of specific and intense strength and cardio conditioning. METCON Madness takes things to another level with insane calorie burn and is ideal for those intermediate/advanced athletes interested in leaning out and reconditioning their metabolism.  With only about 5-8 exercises your goal = Complete AS MANY ROUNDS AS POSSIBLE!!!

Personal Training

-Private 1-on-1 Training available in 30-60 min sessions.

-Private 2 on 1 Training available in 60 min sessions. 

-Private Virtual Training available in 30-60 minute sessions.

BOOXing Bootcamp

Our newest addition!  Small group 30 minute fast paced cardio circuit style boxing class!  To minimize downtime and maximize calorie burn we keep the combos fun, simple, and effective, making this workout great for any fitness level!  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get your hand wraps and gloves on.  We do require wraps and gloves to participate.  We have wraps for purchase and gloves for rent if you do not have your own.  

Gut Buster

30-minutes dedicated to melting that muffin top and strengthening that core!  A strong healthy core is terribly underestimated and under appreciated.. It doesn’t just look good… it feels good too!  This class is great for EVERYONE and will not only improve aesthetics but also improve mobility and in some cases help with chronic back pain.

Nutrition Coaching

Requires a consultation to get started. 


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