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Everyone enjoys a good we asked our members to share some of their own. :) 

"I never was into going to the gym, had a membership with another fitness place but never used it. I decided to do the challenge and it was the best thing I ever done. The trainers and environment is so motivating that I looked forward to being there all the time. I want to say thank you for changing me physically and mentally about the way I eat, train and look. If you want to challenge yourself and make a change, this is the place that will make it happen. Thank you PIT fitness and thank you to the trainers."


"They are all a wonderful group of fun ,educated, motivating, experienced Group of trainers and owners . And they get the job done. Whether you need help with diet , exercise ,meal prepping, they can help you."



"By far the best gym I’ve ever been a member of. I don’t feel like a member...I feel like family and a friend! The trainers are amazing with high energy and positivity! They make the workouts fun! Love, Love, Love!!!"


Why do you love PIT Fitness?

"Feels like a family and a goal oriented atmosphere. Everyone roots for each other!"


Why do you love PIT Fitness?

"Because you care! It’s great environment, feels like everyone is working for the same thing."



"Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. TAKE IT. And make the most out of it."

12-Week Summer Shred

Unbelievable T R A N S F O R Mation . -24 lbs of extra weight -7.6% Bodyfat From shoulder injury to shredded! #noexcuses

mary 1
mary 2
12-Week Summer Shred Round 1

Put in W O R K ! Gained muscle mass & strength all while dropping 8% Bodyfat & 33 lbs! It takes two people to spot this dude on PR week! #PRking

Jen 1
12-Week Transformation

Ready Set F O C U S I challenge anyone to count macros as PERFECTLY as her. In 12 weeks- Lost 10 lbs Dropped 6.9% Bodyfat and we're still increasing her calories! #macroqueen

Jen 2
1 Year Later

D E D I C A T E D This girl is one of the hardest workers I know. Her most recent journey- Down 17 lbs & 7% Bodyfat. Deadlifting 140+ lbs for reps. We've been a part of Carmela's journey for 2+ years and watched her go from a full time college student working towards a masters degree to a working professional, all while holding down two jobs! If you see her in the gym we encourage you to ask her about her journey, it's nothing short of inspirational! #INSPIRE

Mowli A Front

Google Review:

I joined PIT Fitness for the 6 week program as someone who worked a desk job and barely worked out. Everything I needed to do for a successful transformation was given at the start of the program (what to eat, work out 5x, walking in the morning). All I had to do was stay consistent and see it through. That's exactly what I did, and I lost 6.6 pounds. The changes I see on my body are even more significant than the number on the scale. My clothes fit a whole lot better! With a successful 6 week transformation, I signed up to continue at PIT Fitness. Thank you to Andrea, Ryan, and Caitlyn for all their guidance in nutrition and providing me with modified exercises with regards to my health condition!!


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